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Dates manufacturing and exporting


Dates manufacturing and exporting

arinoo dates is one of the best kimia dates.


arinoo dates is manufactur and exporter of 600 gr mazafati dates, bulk soft and dry dates and bulk dry mazafati dates. best quality of dates is first property of purchase for bulk dry mazafati dates. some times we see that in one cartones of dates is how many of the quality of dates that this […]


bam Mazafati khajoor with a great brown-black appearance is very tasty. Mazafati date appointed date Bam is one of the most famous and different kinds of Iranian date fruit which is usually used as Rutab (fresh). This kind of date because of having high moisture is not used as nuts . The moisture of this […]

kurma mazafati

one of the best suggestion for purchase dates fruit is kurma mazafatihttp://arinoo.com. black color, delicious taste, the softness of the dates are the important property of kurma mazafati. kurma mazafati harvesting time depends on the variety and starts in August, lasting to the end of October. This variety is the most common variety of fresh […]


Arinoo dates is exporter company of mazafati dates in IRAN. mazafati dates is one of the best fruit with lot of benefits. this products are packed in 600 gr boxes and 5 kg cartons. mazafati dates because of its benefit have more ordered in all over the word. this fruit have some of specifications such […]


mazafati dates for customers packing in 600 gr boxes and 5 kg cartons. you can get best quality with good price of mazafati dates from Arinoo dates . :Contact us Telegram/Whatsapp:  00989027800757 Tell: 00989027800757 Email: Armanrahavardco@gmail.com / Arinoodate@gmail.com

Arinoo Mazafati Dates

Ramadan mazafati dates is the best choice. mazafati dates is one of the good dates in terms of quality and taste for ramadan. so you can order mazafati dates with good quality and best price from Arinoo dates. mazafati dates packes in 600 gr and 500 gr boxes. each mother carton contains 12 boxes . […]


we have best offer for best quality of 600 gr mazafati dates. feel free to contact us. Mobile/whatsapp: 00989027800757 Email: Arinoodates@gmail.com


Iran have a best quality of dates.  One of the famous Iranian dates for export is Sayer or Esta’maran date. This date grow in khuzestan city. Sayer have many quality that the big sizes of this dates packed to export. Annually 70 % of sayer dates export to all over the world and then packaging […]


New season Iranian dates start in summer. Variety of dates such as mazafati, kabkab, shahani, kalute, rabbi, sayer, zahedi  in this season are packed. You can order this dates in variety of packages and also with your brand from ARMAN CO. Arman Co with activity for many years always try to sell best quality with […]

Iranian mazafati dates

Semi Dry Mazafati Dates _Arinoo dates Mazafati Dates with less moisture and more fiber. Color is dark brown and black. Shelf life: 24 months keep in 0-4 ° C Packaging: 5/10 kg cartons and cellophane packs in different weights Shipment: by dry container. (Reefer is recommend)