Monday 25 January 2021

Dates manufacturing and exporting


Dates manufacturing and exporting
Mazafati dates

New season Iranian dates start in summer. Variety of dates such as mazafati, kabkab, shahani, kalute, rabbi, sayer, zahedi  in this season are packed. You can order this dates in variety of packages and also with your brand from ARMAN CO. Arman Co with activity for many years always try to sell best quality with […]


Mazafati dates exporting to Qatar and East Asian countries is our job. exports iranian dates such as mazafati, rabbi and kabkab dates to Qatar, India and … . amoung iranian dates mazafati has the largest share in exports. This dates have a high moisture. Because of the sweet and delicious flavor this dates have a […]


Mazafati dates are the most delicious dates amoung Iranian ones which are usually used as Rutab. The color of the date is black and dark brown with the moisture content (15-35%) depends largely on the harvesting time and the place where the date grows. The size of the date is usually between 2.5-4.5 cm and […]

mazafati dates

Mazafati dates 600 gr Type : Fresh date, moisture between 15% to 35% Color : Dark purple to black Texture:Soft & Fleshy Harvest: Mid September Growing Region: Bam, Kerman, Iran Shelf Life: 24 months Usage : Most delicious date for direct eating ℃ Storage condition: 0 to 4 Packing: 600 Gr box and each mother carton contains 12 boxesBack