Monday 25 January 2021
Dates manufacturing and exporting
Dates manufacturing and exporting

Mazafati dates exporting to Qatar

Mazafati dates exporting to Qatar and East Asian countries is our job. exports iranian dates such as mazafati, rabbi and kabkab dates to Qatar, India and … . amoung iranian dates mazafati has the largest share in exports.

This dates have a high moisture. Because of the sweet and delicious flavor this dates have a advocates all over the world. if you interested the sweet flavor you can try the mazafati dates and enjoy its good taste. in comparison with other fruits, you can use dates with tea in a hearty evening or with your Breakfast. mazafati dates is a tonic fruit and if you are an athlete we suggest you to use this to increase your body power.

mazafati dates
mazafati dates 600 gr

more than 200000 tons of mazafati dates are harvested every year. most of mazafati dates are harvested in Kerman province and Sistan Baluchestan province . then the best quality is belong to Bam city in Kerman province.

Mazafati dates

Arman rahavard Co. offers you mazafati dates in different packges from small pack to bulk boxes based on your order. feel free to contact us to order you intended dates

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