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Dates manufacturing and exporting
Dates manufacturing and exporting


mazafati dates is the best of iranian dates that this fruit known in some of countries kimia mazafati dates name.

arinoo dates
Arinoo dates

Dates growing on a date palm. Before they’re dried, dates are typically plump, shiny, ovoid fruits that grow in bunches from date trees.

They can be either dark purple or bright red and contain a large central pit with pointed ends. This is usually removed before the fruit is dried, serving two purposes.

kimia dates
kimia dates

Dates contain at least six vitamins including a small amount of vitamin C, and vitamins B(1) thiamine, B(2) riboflavin, nicotinic acid (niacin) and vitamin A.

The dietary fibre of 14 varieties of dates has been shown to be as high as 6.4-11.5% depending on variety and degree of ripeness

kimia mazafati dates

but customers offen have one important question .. How do I know if my Kimia dates is real?

It is easy to identify original Kimia Dates. Original Kimia mazafati dates are either deep brown or black in colour.

They are so soft that they can get squished when held firmly between the thumb and index finger. They get sticky when they are squished.

kimia mazafati dates
mazafati dates

They are available in different shapes, textures, and colours, delivering differential health benefits.

So, what is the difference between black dates and brown dates? It is believed that black dates are good for health and contain fibre and phytochemicals.

Kimia mazafati dates are a good source of vitamins like potassium that help to boost the nervous system and improve the speed of brain activity.


Potassium in kimia mazafati dates also helps in controlling diarrhea

They contain soluble fibre that improves the functioning of the excretory system.

More than 80 countries worldwide buy Iranian dates. The conditions for date palm cultivation exist in some specific countries in the world, so most countries in the world are importing dates.

Iran is one of the decisive countries in the world market for dates because it produces unique dates.

You can get kimia dates with good quality from arinoo dates.

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