Saturday 13 August 2022

Dates manufacturing and exporting


Dates manufacturing and exporting
best offer mazafati dates

bam Mazafati khajoor with a great brown-black appearance is very tasty. Mazafati date appointed date Bam is one of the most famous and different kinds of Iranian date fruit which is usually used as Rutab (fresh). This kind of date because of having high moisture is not used as nuts . The moisture of this […]

kurma mazafati

one of the important feature of mazafati dates is them color.black color of mazafati dates is the best color for best quality dates. so you can get best quality of mazafati dates from Arinoo Dates. :Contact us Telegram/Whatsapp:  00989027800757 Tell: 00989027800757 Email: Armanrahavardco@gmail.com / Arinoodate@gmail.com


mazafati dates for customers packing in 600 gr boxes and 5 kg cartons. mazafati dates are also called the Bam dates because they are grown mainly in Bam. They are also harvested in other areas in southern Iran such as Jiroft, Kahnuj (in Kerman province), Saravan, Nikshahr, Haji Abad and Iranshahr (in Sistan-o-Baluchestan province) The […]


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