Dates manufacturing and exporting


Dates manufacturing and exporting
bam rotab

 exporting iranian dates to oman is our job. exports iranian dates such as mazafati, rabbi and kabkab dates to Qatar, India, Oman and … . amoung iranian dates mazafati has the largest share in exports. This dates have a high moisture. Because of the sweet and delicious flavor this dates have a advocates all over […]


Arman Rahavard Co is a leading producer and exporter of Iranian dates under the brand name Arinoo dates. Arinoo manages direct connecting between the farmers and customers by more supervision on the farms, process and distribution chain. We consistently serve our customers in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Arman co is mainly focused on […]

Iranian mazafati dates

Semi Dry Mazafati Dates _Arinoo dates Mazafati Dates with less moisture and more fiber. Color is dark brown and black. Shelf life: 24 months keep in 0-4 ° C Packaging: 5/10 kg cartons and cellophane packs in different weights Shipment: by dry container. (Reefer is recommend)