Dates manufacturing and exporting


Dates manufacturing and exporting
rabbi dates

Arinoo dates is a biggest exporter Iranian dates. Arinoo is a large collection of iranian date suppliers. Our characteristic is to know the needs of customers . you can get best dates with .best prices from Arinoo dates iranian dates are a good source of vitamins like potassium that help to boost the nervous system […]


New season Iranian dates start in summer. Variety of dates such as mazafati, kabkab, shahani, kalute, rabbi, sayer, zahedi  in this season are packed. You can order this dates in variety of packages and also with your brand from ARMAN CO. Arman Co with activity for many years always try to sell best quality with […]

bam rotab

 exporting iranian dates to oman is our job. exports iranian dates such as mazafati, rabbi and kabkab dates to Qatar, India, Oman and … . amoung iranian dates mazafati has the largest share in exports. This dates have a high moisture. Because of the sweet and delicious flavor this dates have a advocates all over […]


You can find high quality of rabbi dates in Arman rahavard co. This company provides the best quality dates such as mazafati, rabbi, kabkab and … . Always arman co packs the best dates popular in international markets. Rabbi dates are kind of fresh dates in Iran. this fruit is harvested in Sistan Bauchestan city.Fresh […]


Rabbi dates_ Arinoo dates Moisture: less than 15% (different moisture range per client requests) Color: Dark brown Flavor: Naturally sweet dates taste Shelf Life: 24 months Storage temp: 0 to 10 ° C origin: Saravan,,SiStan va Baluchestan Packaging: 5 and 10 kg boxes

Fresh mazafati dates

Moisture: 20% – ۴۰% (different moisture range per clients request) Color: Dark brown to Black Shelf Life: 24 months Flavor: Naturally sweet dates taste Packaging: 600 gr boxes_ 12 boxes in a carton