Dates manufacturing and exporting
Dates manufacturing and exporting


Mazafti dates is best fruit with important Property for the health. It is a dark, soft, fleshy and sweet date of medium size, about 2.5–5 cm.

mazafati dates can be kept for tow years. Mazafati dates is best for snacking and table eating.

It is a warm fruit and useful for treating many patients. Because of this good feature have many fans in the world.

You can get a variety of dates from us.Variety of dates such as mazafati date, semi dried date, zahedi date, rabbi date and piarom date are our products.These dates are delivered in bulk and packaging. We will prepare your order at the earliest possible time and at the right price.In any country you can contact us to buy the product you want.

It’s possible to pack dates with your own boxes and brands.

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