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Iranian Plum Market

Iranian plum market is best source of all type of plum. plum and dried plum have many benefit for body that we explain more about them: ۱٫Heart disease. Phytochemicals and nutrients in plums lower the inflammation that triggers heart disease. ۲٫Anxiety. A plum a day may keep anxiety away. ۳٫Constipation Relief. ۴٫High blood pressure and […]

Black Mazafati Dates for Ramadan Kareem

offen traders of dates buy Black mazafati dates for Ramadan Kareem. Dates have various names, such as “Kabkab dates, “Plum dates,” “Piaram dates,” “Kaluteh dates,” etc. The color of this date is usually black, but there are also dark black, dark brown, and brown colors that are very effective in selling it. It is good […]

Black color mazafati dates

one of the best iranian dates is black mazafati dates.

New crop of mazafati dates

. mazafati dates with good quality have black color and large size . for export mazafati dates have a good packing with good weight is important . mazafati dates are packed in paper boxes or plastic boxes you can get best quality of mazafati dates with good price also with your favorite .packing from Arinoo […]

Iranian Sayer Dates

Sayer dates is semi dry dates with sweet tast. Sayer Dates representing approximately 65 % of Iranian date are the most common dates in Khuzestan. Sayer dates are oval and about 2 to 4 cm in size. Best color of sayer dates is dark brown. This dates packing in 10 kg cartons. Sayer Date is […]


Mazafati dates is used as Rotab and has an attractive black color. Best quality of mazafati dates are fresh, Meaty and sweet with high shelf life. This dates packing in 600 gr boxes or packing in 5 or 10 kg cartos. This dates packing in 600 gr boxes or packing in 5 or 10 kg […]

about arinoo group

Arman Rahavard Co is a leading producer and exporter of Iranian dates under the brand name Arinoo dates. Arinoo manages direct connecting between the farmers and customers by more supervision on the farms, process and distribution chain. We consistently serve our customers in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Arman co is mainly focused on all kind of dates owing to their excellent taste and freshness. The dates are selected with full and precis observation and is packed in completely hygienic conditions in accordance with world standards. we pack many kinds of Iranian dates such as Mazafati, Rabbi, Kabakab, Zahedi and Sayer. Our products are exported to Asian and European countries. Arinoo dates has gained extensive recognition in the field of supplying and exporting dates to across the world and we continue to expand our branches in more states and countries maintaining the same high standards as always. You can order dates with your intended quality and packs from all over the world.

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arinoo dates is manufactur and exporter of 600 gr mazafati dates, bulk soft and dry dates and bulk dry mazafati dates.  best quality of dates is first property of purchase for bulk dry mazafati dates. some times we see that in one cartones of dates is how many of the quality of dates ...

Iranian dates supplier

Arinoo dates is a biggest exporter Iranian dates. Arinoo is a large collection of iranian date suppliers. Arinoo Mazafati Dates Our characteristic is to know the needs of customers . you can get best dates with .best prices from Arinoo dates Iranian dates iranian dates are a good ...